The Fall Trends Report (My Latest Haul)

The Fall Trends Report (My Latest Haul)

Ever get overwhelmed with all those fashion trends changing so fast that it feels you just blinked and your new $100 bag is suddenly out of style! I do, all the time. It’s no shame to me though and I don’t like to feel guilty for my shopping hauls because they simply make me happy! Period. What might seem like an unnecessary splurge to someone is someone else’s pure joy. After all, each one of us has an addiction of some sort!

Fortunately, my latest haul included some items that never go out of style. To be honest, I try not to splurge on trendy items and buy those from high street brands. But I would gladly buy big price tag items if I feel they would be a staple in my closet and last me a long time.

I will be sharing 10 of the biggest trends for Fall 2018, my recommendations and my personal new purchases. There are obviously more than 10 hot trends this Fall, but this post is dedicated to the ones I personally loved and invested in. I will be covering more trends in future posts just so I feel I am catering to all of my readers’ different tastes and styles. But for now here is my roundup.


1. The Camel Coat:

The camel coat is definitely a staple in my closet! it is just one of those items that will never go out of style. It adds elegance to any outfit no matter how casual it may be. Wear it with a pair of jeans or slacks, with sneakers or pumps, and you’re always guaranteed a chic and timeless look.



2. The Houndstooth:

Any time I see a houndstooth pattern I immediately think “elegant”. It can be on a pillow or even a shower curtain and still look so chic and add so much class to a space. This fall houndstooth print is back and strong. You’ll see it in shoes, handbags, clothes and even earrings.



3. The Animal Print:

By now, half of my closet is leopard and snakeskin! It looks like a mini safari, and I’m not complaining. I am even considering adding more prints like zebra and tiger.



4. The Plaid:

Plaid, plaid and plaid. Fortunately this trend is still going strong since last fall, but it is the darer and in someway uglier kind of plaid. Don’t get me wrong when I say uglier, I mean it in a good way! After all, you did witness the ugly grandpa sneakers trend lately.



5. The Corduroy

This might be my favorite trend this fall, it is so 70s and I love it. When I’m wearing my corduroy pants I fell like I’m one of the cast of That 70s Show, or one of the Abba members. So glamorous, I know!



6. The Teddy coat:

Cozy you ask? Yes, very! And the best part about it is that you can also wear it in the winter. So there you go, let’s call it an investment- at least that what I say to my husband when I try to justify my shopping hauls.



7. The Chunky Sweater:

The turtleneck, the oversized, or the sweater dress. Anyway you want it, this season you can have it. Yes, you’re welcome. My favorite styling would probably be an oversized turtleneck sweater dress with knee high boots. Boom! Three in one!



8. The Color Block:

Remember the 80s and all those glamorous neon outfits, the shoulder pads, the scrunchies and the color block sweater? Well you can indulge in all the above this fall. Super exciting, makes me feel like I didn’t get that old yet. Renewing my teenage style. My kids still don’t comprehend the concept that I, too, was a teenager once!



9. The Slouchy Boots:

The slouchy boots were present in a lot of fashion shows this year, and it’s granted that it will continue to be a trend for a while. Super classy and sophisticated, with mini or maxi dresses.



10. The Faux Fur Bag:

The cutest trend ever! I feel like taking my bag to bed with me like a little teddy bear. You will look super trendy with your faux fur or feather bag and it is guaranteed to add an edge to any outfit no matter how simple or minimal it is.



I hope you enjoyed my post about my favorite fashion trends for fall 2018! Leave a comment below and let me know which fall fashion trend is your favorite. Make sure you follow me on Instagram to see how I style those trends by clicking here .

Thank you so much for reading my post, with love and gratitude.

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